“[Mike] got all three of my Apple devices to communicate with each other, demystified the Cloud, resurrected my lost and broken Verizon e-mail account… He is nonjudgmental, smart, patient and really competent.”

Roberta G. (Washington, D.C.)

“A friend recommended Mike Wish. He has been extraordinary! Mike is able to relate both to the computer and to the computer user. He combines his in-depth understanding of computer technology with a great ability to teach”

Celia C., (Chevy Chase, Md.)

“His upbeat approach made me comfortable from the get-go to ask any questions that I might have (no matter how dumb) … He’s definitely on my call-first resource list!”

Dave M. (Washington, D.C.)

“Mike is patient, kind, reliable, professional and knowledgable. In our sessions he encourages me to “drive” my computer myself and figure things out at my own pace… Mike shows me just the right amount of new things so that I don’t get overwhelmed.”

Anne W. (Bethesda, Md.)