Apple Product Support Services

Product Tutoring and Training

“These devices hold infinite potential,” they told you.  “They’re so simple… They’re Intuitive!” — How many times have you heard that one?  We know not everyone was born with “digital intuition” but it can be developed.  We bring all of the knowledge and friendliness you would expect from an Apple Store, but deliver it to your doorstep.  Make a list of questions and issues and let us help you check them off in as little as a one-hour session.

Device Support and Troubleshooting

You have things to do and goals to achieve.  You don’t have the time to call Apple and wait for them to advise you to visit one of their stores for help.  Get trusted support at home or at your business and get back up and running fast.  If we can, we’ll connect same-day to help you resolve an issue thats slowing you down.  If we can’t, we’ll quickly diagnose and give you steps to take to get it resolved until we arrive.

iCloud and Cloud Services

Ah, the infamous iCloud.  What is iCloud anyways?  Let us teach you!  It’s not as far-fetched as you might think.  It’s one of those set-it-and-forget-it kind of deals.  Learn how you can setup the cloud to always keep basic information synced up across your Mac, iPad and iPhone. You will also learn what is and IS NOT being backed up by the cloud so you can be sure your data is properly protected and secure.

Backup your Devices

One of the most important things we recommend is a backup solution for your Mac, iPad and iPhone.  They’re simple to configure and ultimately priceless if something goes wrong.  We’ll teach you how to setup a backup solution that will protect your beloved photos and important documents so that you’ll be protected in case the unthinkable happens.

Update and Upgrade

Is your Mac running slow?  Is it not working like it used to?  Give your Mac a proper checkup and let us determine if you need to run updates or software upgrades or if you need to think about upgrading the hardware or purchasing a new machine.  On most laptops we can safely upgrade the memory and storage while you watch!  If a new machine is necessary we can help you pick one that makes sense for your needs and even transfer your data from the old one to the new one.

Business and Pro Services

Website Design and Development

Struggling to find someone reliable to help you manage your professional or business presence online? Let us help you not only build a web site that brings you more customers, but teach you how to use it. We build sites on an existing easy-to-use framework known as WordPress. WordPress currently power 25% of all global websites and has a thriving community of support and development keeping it on the cutting edge of the world wide web.

Local and Internet Marketing

Did you know that there are customers looking for your business that you are missing out on? There is a marketplace already available for just about every single type of business, you just need to know where to position yourself so you are seen by the right people. Get help leveraging the incredible potential of the web to achieve your business goals.

Business Strategy & Development

Navigating the new landscape of business in the age of tweets, tablets, likes and links can be a challenging task.  Business processes that used to require an entire team to manage can now be handled by emerging web services for $5/month and a little extra know-how.  I work side-by-side with my clients to guide them through starting or growing a business in this day and age leveraging the cutting-edge tools now available online.  The web can be an utter overwhelm of information, let us help you sift through it and find a strategy that fits your lifestyle and business profile.