MacTipster on-site service offering has ended

To my dear friends and clients,

It is nothing short of bittersweet to report that I have begun a full-time opportunity supporting federal diplomatic web initiatives. My onsite availability for appointments has come to a close for now.

It has been an incredible experience getting to know all of you in your homes and businesses. I can’t thank you enough for your patronage and support.

What does this mean?

I will no longer be offering my services on-site, in-home, in-business. My website will remain active and I hope to be updating it with new content to support my mission to educate people about these great products.

What if I still need help onsite?

I am currently sourcing DC area vendors that offer the same quality of customer service and expertise.

Until then, I highly recommend the Apple Store free workshops at Montgomery Mall. They have revamped the store and it is beautiful.

View Apple Store Montgomery Mall Workshops

I’m not going anywhere, I’m still around, if you have questions/comments/concerns, I’m happy to answer them. My MacTipster email will remain active and monitored, so feel free to continue to communicate through there. I will do whatever I can to help, but I am no longer offering onsite appointments as a service.

Can you help me remotely?

YES! If you need help with your Mac, there is a method we can use to connect our screens so I can help you in your home without actually being there.

I have to stress this is for Mac computers only like MacBook and iMac. This system will not work for iPhone and iPad.

Contact me┬áif you’d like more information or setup a remote appointment. However, the times available will be evenings and weekends only.

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